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Health Benefits of a Ketogenic Lifestyle

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A Ketogenic Diet and Lifestyle is greatly known as a natural and non-medical approach to numerous Health issues. The most popular being:

    • Weight Loss - with your body burning Fat 24/7, alongside natural hunger suppression, and your body retaining water less frequently, you'll be on course to shed those pounds with ease and comfortably.

    • Lowering Blood Sugars - one of the primary focuses of a Keto diet is to restrict Carb intake, and completely avoid all Sugars. Pre-Diabetics and Type-2 Diabetics will benefit greatly on a Keto diet.

    • Metabolic Recovery - being in Ketosis and eating healthy keto-friendly foods, your body can begin to heal itself from issues such as IBS, PCOS, Inflammation, Fatty Liver, Leaky Gut and many more.

  • Lowering Cholesterol - a long-term Ketogenic diet is an effective approach to lowering Triglyceride readings, increasing HDL levels and general improvement in "Triglyceride/HDL" ratios.

 Why choose Tommy Le to be YOUR Coach?

 If Keto is a Lifestyle, then studying Keto is for Life!
 I take great pleasure in helping as many people onto this way of Life.

    • I am always continuously studying the science behind this lifestyle. I do my utmost to remain motivating, supportive, unbiased, honest and reliable, especially as many are placing their trust in my help.

    • I do my utmost to provide all Support, Suggestions or Recommendations based on up-to-date scientific facts, studies and strong hypotheses. I rarely give any advice that includes "it works for me" in the sentence.

  • My hobbies are relative to this woe, as I continuously enjoy collecting Books, following established advocates of Low-carb living, and proactively seek new learnings that promote and support the Ketogenic Lifestyle.

Tommy Le Keto Coach

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Tommy Le - Keto Coach

Depending on what your goals are, or what existing health issues you have, you may only be suited to a particular version of Keto. The 3 key Keto approaches that I've nicknamed are:

• Modern Weight Loss Keto Dieting
• Therapeautic Ketogenic Dieting
• Optimum Nutritional Ketogenic Dieting


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