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Health Benefits of a Ketogenic Lifestyle

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A Ketogenic Diet and Lifestyle is greatly known as a natural and non-medical approach to numerous Health issues. The most popular being:

    • Weight Loss - with your body burning Fat 24/7, alongside natural hunger suppression, and your body retaining water less frequently, you'll be on course to shed those pounds with ease and comfortably.

    • Stabilising Blood Sugars - one of the primary focuses of a Ketogenic diet is to restrict Carbohydrate intake, and completely avoid all Sugars. A wide spectrum of Diabetics will benefit greatly on a Ketogenic lifestyle.

    • Metabolic Recovery - during continuous ketosis, your body can begin to repair and heal itself from issues such as IBS, PCOS, Inflammation, Fatty Liver, Leaky Gut and many other metabolic illnesses.

  • Improving Cholesterol - a long-term Ketogenic diet is an effective approach to lowering Triglyceride readings, increasing HDL levels and general improvement in "Triglyceride/HDL" ratios.

 Why choose Tommy Le to be YOUR Nutritionist?

 "I do not believe in a "one size fits all" approach,
 and this encourages me to assess everybody's health individually."

    • I hold continuous professionalism, motivation, support, honesty and reliability in high regards... especially as many are placing their health and trust into my hands.

    • I am continuously studying the science behind the Ketogenic way of life, and invest heavily into resources that provide scientific-support. This shapes all of my Advices, Hypotheses and Recommendations.

  • Even as a hobby, I follow many established advocates of Low-Carb Living and the Ketogenic Lifestyle, whether that is reading Blogs, purchasing Books, listening to Podcasts or watching several online videos and documentaries.

Tommy Le Keto Coach

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    From Beginner to Advance Level
    $150.00 per Bootcamp Looking to start a Ketogenic Lifestyle journey? Stuck in a stubborn Stall / Plateau? Want to improve your relationship with Foods? Wish to add accountability to your approach?


    Private discussions and tailored Nutrition
    $50.00 per 30 minutes Scheduled Live Video Interactions 2nd Opinion on Health Diagnosis Non-medicinal Nutritional Programs Correct Supplementation


    Personalised Calories and Macronutrients
    $7.00 Confused with Keto Calculators? Not sure what values to enter? Need something clear and precise? Let me do all the hard work!
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Tommy Le - Keto Coach

What makes Tommy Le so different to the others?

- Results-driven, not Money-driven
- Recommended, not advertised
- Work on ethics, not endorsements
- Influenced by achievements, not by agendas
- Cater to Goals, not insecurities

Favorite Quotes

• "If you have to exercise to regulate your Weight, your Diet is wrong."

• "At first they will ask WHY you're doing it. Later they will ask HOW you did it."

• "When Diet is wrong, Medicine is of no use. When Diet is correct, Medicine is of no need."


  +44 121 790 0460

   Birmingham, UK

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