The High Fat misunderstandings


"Does eating more Fat, burn more Fat?"

IF your goal on a Ketogenic Lifestyle is to lose Fat, then eating more Fat DOES NOT mean more Fat loss. For the context of Weight Loss, this belief isn't true.


- What happens when we eat too much Fat? - the moment dietary Fat enters the body, it is sent to the front line, to be used as Energy. If your body spends the entire day using up just the dietary Fat, then the stored body fat remains... and if Fat Loss is your goal on a Ketogenic diet, then eating too much Fat will likely create a stall, or worse, Weight-gain.

- "Does eating more Fat get me into Ketosis" - No. There are only 2 methods that your body can enter the metabolic state of Ketosis, and they are:

  • Prolonged Fasting
  • Restricting Carbohydrates

The current misconception of ‘having’ to eat high Fats to encourage Ketosis is a wild myth, and becoming dangerously popular. The body naturally stores Fat as a survival mechanism for times when alternative energy is needed, so it doesn't need reminding of how to utilise Fat by over-consuming dietary Fat.

- "Why was I told to eat 80% Fat in my diet?" - if your goal is Fat Loss, then limiting dietary Fat intake will help you eat at a caloric deficit, as well as get your body to tap into its stored Body Fat reserves to make up any energy deficit. Also, it would be better practice if you track your Fat intake in grams (g) rather than percentages (%), as grams are much more accurate in fine-tuning your Target Macros.

- "What if it's working for me?" - if what you're doing is working, then I would encourage you to continue. We all wish for results, and you know your body best... but in the event it stops working, then you may wish to consider making adjustments or implementing new approaches to get you back on track to achieving your goals.

- "How much Fat should I have then?" - if you are just beginning your Keto journey, then I would recommend you eating sufficent Fats that will make you feel full and satiated long enough until your next meal. For those that are Counting Macros, your Target Macros are calculated so that you adhere to your Protein Goal and a suitable Fat range that will aid in your goal and also ensure good organ health.

- "Are there particular Fats I should consume and avoid?" - ideally, you should aim to consume healthy Fats (Saturated, Monounsaturated, Natural Trans, Natural Polyunsaturated) from sources like Meat, Fish, Coconut Oil, Avocado, and Dairy. What you should look to avoid are Processed Polyunsaturated Fats and Processed Trans Fats like Vegetable Oil, Seed Oils, Margarine, Fast Foods etc.

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