How to use MyFitnessPal


How to use MyFitnessPal (mobile app)

Whether counting Calories and Macros, or just wish to track your daily carbs, then one of my highly recommended mobile apps to use is MyFitnessPal. Read more to find out how to use this mobile app, and input your Target Macros.


- FIRSTLY, there are many apps available that you can use to track your Foods, but I simply opt and recommend MyFitnessPal due to being with them for many years and I base most of my work with Clients using MFP (MyFitnessPal for short).

- SECONDLY, you do not need to purchase the Premium version as the FREE version is very adequate for use as well and any limitations the free version have marginal effect on the greater outcome.

- So lets get started... If you are completely new to tracking foods, then click on the "How to use MyFitnessPal" link below.
If you have Personalised Target Macros, and you want to insert them into the MFP app, click on the "How to add your Target Macros into MyFitnessPal" link below.



Click here to view and download the PDF format for: HOW TO USE MYFITNESSPAL APP

Click here to view and download the PDF format for: HOW TO ADD YOUR TARGET MACROS INTO MYFITNESSPAL

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