The KISS Principle


The "Keto It Super Simple" Principle

Are you just starting or about to start your Ketogenic journey, but already feel overwhelmed with the many views, advices and confusing information? Don't worry, you're not alone... Read this article to see how I advise new-starters about my K.I.S.S. Principle.


Firstly, congratulations on starting your Keto Diet... no matter what your goals are on this way of eating, you must commend yourself for taking that vital first step towards change. However, I bet you are reading this because your head is about to explode from the MANY advices, instructions, approaches and confusing information?
Well, I don't blame you for feeling like that as the Ketogenic Diet can be customised for various individuals that workd for them, and many mean well when they provide their views on how to help you.

But I am no stranger to receiving advice from all directions and feeling ever so conflicted and on the verge of packing it in altogether... but fret not, as I have designed this K.I.S.S. - Keto It Super Simple approach to teach new-starters about finding their feet on a Ketogenic Diet, and gaining enough confidence on this way of eating before introducing other tasks such as Counting Calories and Macronutrients. Below is one of my illustrations of the KISS Principle, for which you are welcome to Save (Jpeg format), or download the PDF format for Print... I sincerely hope this will help you when you begin your Keto journey and aid you in finding your rhythm on this lifestyle.


Click here to view and download the PDF format


The breakdown of the K.I.S.S. Principle:

- Achieving Ketosis - when commencing your Ketogenic journey, the most suitable way to get your body into the metabolic state of Ketosis is to completely limit your Carbohydrate intake to below 25g (Net). When your body is restricted in carbohydrates to convert into Glucose, it will still require energy to continue your everyday activities... and this will prompt it to switch to converting Fats into Ketones for energy.

- Sustaining Ketosis - as the body isn't used to utilisng Ketones for energy use, it can be a bit shaky at first. But if you keep restricting Carbohydrates to under 25g daily, and do this for at least 4 days, then more than likely your body is in continuous Ketosis.

- How much Fat to consume - when starting out, a wise suggestion would be to just eat foods that are rich in natural and healthy Fats... the aim is to completely feel satiated until the next meal, and have the body supplied sufficent dietary Fats for Energy use.

- Don't forget Proteins! - lately there has been a growing fear of eating Protein because of the misconceptions of excess Protein intake (read my Blog on the matter), and many new-starters are purposely neglecting Protein because they are being ill-advised. When starting your Keto Diet, eat adequate Proteins, just as you would with Fats, as Protein provides the body with essential amino acids for Organ, Bone and Muscle health.

- Green leafy Vegetables - many dark green leafy veg are rich in Fibrous Carbs, so they can be deducted from your Total Carbs (Net Carbs are Total Carb minus Fibre), and ideally, should be the main source of your daily Carbs. Also, green leafy veg provide a number of great micronutrients for organ function as well as important minerals for healthy digestion.

- Drink when thirsty only - how many times have we been told to drink this much a day, drink that much a day? The problem with drinking too much water is that, you could end up flushing your Electrolytes out, leaving you feeling the symptoms of Keto Flu. So, only drink when you're thirsty, or drink enough to avoid dehydrating.

- Neglect Electrolytes at your own Peril - this diet is very diurectic, and both water and electrolytes aren't retained like on a high-carb diet. Always replenish lost Electrolytes to keep typical Keto Flu symptoms at bay.

- Don't Count Macros... yet - the ketogenic lifestyle is pretty high-maintenance already, and the last thing you need at this stage is further stress about weighing and tracking every single item of food you consume. For now, just follow the above steps for some time, and as you progress further into this lifestyle, you will have a better understanding of this lifestyle and how to fine-tune your Keto Diet.

- Don't stop, keep going - it takes quite some effort to get the body into continuous Ketosis and keep it sustained, but a single lapse in focus can easily spoil all your hard work. Don't stray off course as you could have to start all over again, and if it takes another 4 days to get back into ketosis, and then a few more days to catch up to where you last left... so a single second of poor judgement could result in nearly a week's worth of catching up!


I hope this approach will help you during the early stages of your Ketogenic journey... especially if you are in the transitional period. Keto doesn't have to be complicated and as long as you keep it all simple and within your stride, your knowledge as well as your body will develope into this lifestyle more efficiently and will open room for further additions like implementing Exercise or Counting Calories.

Tommy Le - Keto Coach

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