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Weekly Food & Exercise Tracker

Keep on track with your weekly goals and be accountable for actions that will further help you closer to your long-term Health Goals. Click on the button below to know more and how to download this Printable Tracker.


As a Coach, I am often asked from my clients and mentees on how they can feel more motivated, or what should they do to progress further?

Without hesitation, my response is: "Become fully acountable". You see, once I instruct them to plan their personal weekly goals, I strongly feel this adds an element of precision towards their current approach and keeping them fully focused on their own weekly goals will reduce the likelihood of being distracted or go off-track.

An additional benefit I've seen is when they reflect back on their previous Weekly Trackers, they can see areas where they have thrived and address occasions where they may need to strengthen. This further provides themselves to create new and unique Focuses for the following week.


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- This Week's Focuses - whether you've had a Consultation with me, or if you already know what strategies you need to implement for the week ahead, this is where you should write them down this and will be the first section you look at each time you use this tracker.

- Start / End - for those that are looking to manage their Body Composition, such as Fat Loss, Weight Maintenance or Muscle Gain, then this section would be very ideal to keep a track of areas that many individuals place great emphasis on during Diet and Exercise changes.

- Food and Exercise Tracker - not everybody will be adhering to the conventional 3 square meals and Snacks, but noting which Meals you will/have consumed will aid those that are doing Intermittent Fasting, or those that are looking to eliminate Snacking... this is a good place to keep an eye on.
There is also a "Feeling" rating, as it is so essential to keep a record of one's level of Happiness, for which I feel is a major contributor to sustainability. Also, there is a small area for any daily notes for any observations that you think are worth recording for future reference.

The final section is for those that want to keep a track of which day and type of Exercise they intend/have completed. 


Tommy says: "I really hope this printable Weekly Tracker can help those stay on course towards achieving their short and long-term goals. I truly believe adhering to a Planner and Tracker can narrow one's focus and concentration, for which will hopefully lead to better results."

Tommy Le - Keto Coach

What makes Tommy Le so different to the others?

- Results-driven, not Money-driven
- Recommended, not advertised
- Work on ethics, not endorsements
- Influenced by achievements, not by agendas
- Cater to Goals, not insecurities


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   Birmingham, UK

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