1-2-1 Personal Mentoring

Private Coaching on a Ketogenic Lifestyle

1-2-1 Keto Mentoring

If you prefer to have me coach and mentor you on your Ketogenic journey, then that can be easily arranged. I will be able to provide you my support and guidance in a closed, private and safe environment... but this would require you to have a Facebook account and access to Facebook everyday, as Facebook's interface and features makes communication, and interaction that so much more productive and easier. So... what can you expect from enquiring a 1-2-1 coaching environment?



Firstly, I would love to get to know more about you and explore more details about yourself, your goals, current lifestyle and any existing health issues. I feel the more I know about you, the more I can tailor the approach to the Ketogenic Lifestyle to suit both you and your goals.
Please note, a Nutrition Questionnaire will need to be completed prior to any commencement of Private Mentoring.



As we discuss in more depth about your goals and your preferences, and a realistic timeframe for you to achieve your goals on this private course. There will be a Start date and Finish date of your choosing.
Before the end of the program there will be an official Weigh-In & Measurement Day, to see how far you have progressed.



Once your private course starts, I will be providing continuous materials and setting you weekly tasks, including bitesize knowledge that will aid you as you progress further into your ketogenic journey.
As your personal Ketogenic Mentor, you can expect from me to monitor your Food meals, your adherence to your Macros, overall progress and your general wellbeing on a daily basis. This won't be like a bootcamp environment, I will be on hand to motivate and inspire you, ensuring you complete your course with ease and with great results.
Sound good so far? Start your lifestlye change by getting in touch with me today!.


  • Private 1-2-1 Keto Mentoring

    Privacy and Results are all that matters!
    from £60.00 per week Private and Confidential environment Daily Monitoring and Interaction Personalised Target Macros Extensive knowledge on Ketogenic Living
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Tommy Le - Keto Coach

I take every day as an opportunity to learn more about this lifestyle, and continue to support others on their Ketogenic Journeys.
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