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There are currently 3 Bootcamps that are frequently run:
The Beginner, Intermediate, and Advance Ketogenic Bootcamp.



The Beginner Ketogenic Bootcamp is a 4-week course where beginners can commence their ketogenic journeys in a closed, private and safe environment along with other fellow new-starters. This course will provide great insights into the "Dos and Don'ts" of Ketogenic dieting, supplementation and practices like Counting Calories... everything necessary for you to get closer to your goal on a Ketogenic Lifestyle.



The Intermediate Ketogenic Bootcamp is a 4-week long course and very ideal for already-established Ketoers that wish to break a stall/plateau, or want to start practicing a more cleaner approach to Ketogenic dieting. This course also includes how to effectively utilise your Target Macros, Accountability and adopt new practices.



The Advance Ketogenic Bootcamp is a 4-week long course and most suited for those that are fully Fat-adapted and also would like to introduce Fasting into their routine. Under great supervision, participants will be able to practice Intermittent Fasting, Autophagy, Extended Wet Fasting as well as correct approaches to breaking Fasts. 


Daily access to Facebook is mandatory, as well as a willingness to Track Foods, Count Calories, and necessary purchases (Tools and Supplements) for any of the above Bootcamps.
Before considering enrolling into the Bootcamps, please ensure you currently own (or have access to), the following:

  • Tape Measure
  • Bathroom Scales
  • Digital Kitchen Scales
  • Smartphone / Tablet with Downloadable Apps


Which Bootcamp is for me?


Please choose your Bootcamp carefully as changes to Bootcamps can often be unavailable due to availability.
If you genuinely feel you have made the purchase into the wrong Bootcamp, please get in touch immediately as Payment Terms and Conditions will still apply (see below).



    Duration: 4 Weeks
    $150.00 Monday 5th March 2018 Start your keto journey with other new-starters
    Learn at a comfortable pace
    Learn how to Count Calories and Macros
    Lay the foundations for your long-term Goals


    Duration: 4 Weeks
    $150.00 Monday 5th March 2018 Break a Stall/Plateau
    Reducing internal Inflammation
    Practice a cleaner Keto approach
    Further progression on a Ketogenic Lifestyle


    Duration: 4 Weeks
    $150.00 Monday 5th March 2018 Learn Intermittent Fasting
    Learn Extended Fasting
    Improve inner Health
    Under daily supervision and monitoring
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As we operate on a FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE  basis, we would recommend you securing your enrolment into the Bootcamp with your Payment, as availability is limited.

Before you make your payment, please understand the Terms below:

  • we expect those that enrol into the Bootcamps to be able to fully commit to the entire 4 week duration
  • if you change your mind and cancel your Registration inside 24hrs of the Starting Date, you will be subjected to a Cancellation Fee of 25% of your full payment.
  • if you decide to leave the Bootcamp inside the first 2 weeks of the Bootcamp course, you will only be eligible for a partial-refund of 50% of your full payment.
  • if you have to decide to leave the Bootcamp course anytime during Weeks three and four, then unfortunately there will be no refund available. However, alternative arrangements to continue the remainder of the bootcamp at another time can be discussed at our discretion and subject to availability.

I hope the above Terms are more than reasonable, and I sincerely hope there won't be anybody needing to leave the Bootcamps before the Finish Date. 


** IMPORTANT** If your PayPal email is different to your correspondence Email address, or you wish to pay on somebody else's behalf... upon Checking Out, in the "Add Special Instructions to Seller", please could you specify the actual email address you would like for us to send both your Confirmation and Invitation to Bootcamp emails.
If prefer to pay via Online Banking, please email us for our Business Banking details.



The next set of Bootcamps will be Monday 23rd April 2018, and if you would like to sign up onto our "Early-Birds Waiting List" for advance notifcations and privileges,
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