KETO: New Starter Program


KETO: New Starter Program

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KETO: New Starter Program

Tommy Le's KETO: New Starter Program is a 4-week course where those completely new to Ketogenic Dieting, want to start their Lifestyle change under the mentorship of a team consisting of a fully qualified Ketogenic Nutritional Practictioner and a Bootcamp Mentor. By the end of the program course, participants can expect to:

  • Learn science-backed truths of Ketogenic Dieting
  • Achieve Weight Management success
  • Begin improving metabolic and neurolgical health
  • gaining further knowledge of a long-term Ketogenic Lifestyle

With the rising popularity of Ketogenic Diets, there are a number of sources that offer various different views and applications of Ketogenic Dieting... and this KETO: New Starter Program will be very ideal for those that feel overwhelmed with conflicting information, and wish to be protected from the numerous misunderstandings of Ketogenic Living.



These programs are held inside a private Facebook group with 5-15 fellow Program new-starters... a group environment really creates a lively atmostphere with all participants learning and developing together.



Don't like group environments, and prefer to be mentored on a 1-2-1 basis?
Well, we can certainly arrange to offer all of the above benefits for those wanting to practice inside a private and confidential environment... just you, and your very own dedicated Keto Coaching Team!


Daily access to Facebook is mandatory, as well as a willingness to Track Foods, Count Calories, and necessary purchases (Tools and Supplements).
Before considering enrolling into the KETO: New Starter Program, please ensure you currently own (or have access to), the following:

  • Tape Measure
  • Bathroom Scales
  • Digital Kitchen Scales
  • Smartphone / Tablet with Downloadable Apps





  • $150.00 Monday 4th June 2018 Start your Keto journey with expert Support
    Break an existing Stall/Plateau
    Achieve Fat Loss and improve Health
    Weekly Live Video Q&As
  • $250.00 Monday 4th June 2018 Private Coaching environment
    Dedicated Support and Monitoring
    Live Video interaction
    Daily Assessment and Feedback
  • 1



** IMPORTANT** If your PayPal email address is different to your correspondence Email address (or you wish to pay on somebody else's behalf)... upon the PayPal Check Out, in the "Add Special Instructions to Seller", please could you specify the actual email address you would like for us to send both your Confirmation and Invitation to Bootcamp emails.
If you prefer to pay directly via Online Banking, please email us for our Business Banking details.


Terms and Conditions

As we operate on a FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE  basis, we would recommend you securing your enrolment into this program with your Payment, as availability is limited.

Before you make your payment, please understand the Terms below:

  • we expect those that enrol into this Program to be able to fully commit to the entire 4-week duration
  • if you change your mind and cancel your Registration inside 24hrs before the commencement of Week One, you will be subjected to a Cancellation Fee of 25% of your full payment.
  • if you decide to leave or quit inside Week One of this program, you will only be eligible for a partial-refund of 50% of your full payment.
  • if you have to leave this program course anytime after Week One, unfortunately there will be no refund available. However, alternative arrangements to continue the remainder of this program at another time can be discussed at our discretion and subject to availability.


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Tommy Le - Keto Coach

What makes Tommy Le so different to the others?

- Results-driven, not Money-driven
- Recommended, not advertised
- Work on ethics, not endorsements
- Influenced by achievements, not by agendas
- Cater to Goals, not insecurities

Favorite Quotes

• "If you have to exercise to regulate your Weight, your Diet is wrong."

• "At first they will ask WHY you're doing it. Later they will ask HOW you did it."

• "When Diet is wrong, Medicine is of no use. When Diet is correct, Medicine is of no need."


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