Looking for a Keto Coach?

Do you need a Keto Coach to mentor you on this lifestyle change?


Tommy Le - Keto Coach


Do you need a Keto Coach?

A well-formulated Ketogenic Diet isn't like many other diets out there, as this way of eating specifically requires your body to adapt to an alternative metabolism... and the learning curve can be steep, due to the strict requirements in both application and knowledge.
Many beginners struggle during the early-stages from information-overload, as well as seeing conflicting, confusing and misundertood information. A Keto Coach will mentor you onto the correct approach, providing key knowledge at a pace that suits you best, and hopefully aid you closer to your Health goals.


So, why choose Tommy Le to mentor you?

Even as a Certified Nutritionist, I am truly blessed to have numerous clients across the globe place their health into my hands, as well as their trust in my mentorship, overseeing their Ketogenic journey and aiding them to achieve their goals. I am based in the UK, but most of the clients I work with are in the US (hence the Prices being in $ USD).
If you would like to visit my public Facebook page to read some of the latest Reviews and see why I'm rated 5-stars, click here: https://www.facebook.com/pg/ThatKetoLad/reviews


How does this work then?

I personally would like to get to know more about you first and also provide an opportunity for you to get a feeling of what I am like... after all, a good impression and rapport will lay a solid foundation for your lifestyle change.
Usually, I would like to arrange a Phone call, or a Video chat to find out more information about your goals, your preferences and hopefully, a tailored strategic approach that will work for you.
All of my Ketogenic Nutritional Programs are 5-weeks long, all structured according to your progression and fully private and confidential. You will benefit with daily monitoring, assessing and on-call support. By the end of the course, you will have your Measurements taken and compared to before you started... hopefully we'd be celebrating a successful result.


How much will this cost?

It's a fixed price of $500.00 for the entire course, with the option of splitting the payments; pay half before starting and the remaining half midway through the course.
Payment will be via PayPal, which accepts almost all Debit and Credit Cards, and you don't need to have a PayPal account to pay.


Sounds good so far... what do you do next?

Get in touch with me via the Enquire Now button (below), and let's arrange that first chat! You never know, the decision to get in touch today could end up being the best decision for your Health and Lifestyle change.

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Tommy Le - Keto Coach

What makes Tommy Le so different to the others?

- Results-driven, not Money-driven
- Recommended, not advertised
- Work on ethics, not endorsements
- Influenced by achievements, not by agendas
- Cater to Goals, not insecurities

Favorite Quotes

• "If you have to exercise to regulate your Weight, your Diet is wrong."

• "At first they will ask WHY you're doing it. Later they will ask HOW you did it."

• "When Diet is wrong, Medicine is of no use. When Diet is correct, Medicine is of no need."



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