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As a certified Ketogenic Nutritionist, I will assess your present state of health extensively and look to find underlying issues that are commonly disguised as casual illnesses.
I favour Blood Test reviews as this allows me to search in more depth and gain further insights into current Gut health and Risk factors.



If you would like to discuss with me in more depth about a customised Nutritional Lifestyle change, we can arrange a Consultation, either in person or via Live Video chat. My current popular method is via Live Video chat through platforms like Skype, Facebook Messenger and FaceTime.
For personal Consultations, I am currently based in Sutton Coldfied, Birmingham, UK, if you wish to book an Appointment. I am also available to make House Calls (if local) with travel costs reflected in the Invoice Quotation.



Low Carb and Ketogenic Lifestyles are so versatile, and can easily be customised to favour particular health goals and individual preferences. If you are currently diagnosed with certain health issues and illnesses that you feel that correct nutrition can help remit or reverse, such as Type 2 Diabetes, PCOS, IBS, Inflammation, Insulin Resistance, and many more, then get in touch with me and see what strategic nutritional approach we can formulate for your lifestyle change.



Once your private course starts, I will be providing continuous materials and setting you weekly tasks, including bitesize knowledge that will aid you as you progress further into your tailored nutritional program.
As your dedicated Nutritionist, you can expect from me to monitor your Food meals, your adherence to your strategies, overall progress and your general wellbeing on a regular basis. I will be on hand to motivate, support and inspire you, ensuring you complete your Program with ease and with great results.
Sound good so far? Start your lifestlye change by getting in touch with me today!.


  • Personal Consultations

    In-depth Health Discussion
    from $50.00 for 30mins In Person, or via Live Video chat Addressing underlying Health issues Optional Blood Test Review Strategic Action Planning
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Tommy Le - Keto Coach

What makes Tommy Le so different to the others?

- Results-driven, not Money-driven
- Recommended, not advertised
- Work on ethics, not endorsements
- Influenced by achievements, not by agendas
- Cater to Goals, not insecurities

Favorite Quotes

• "If you have to exercise to regulate your Weight, your Diet is wrong."

• "At first they will ask WHY you're doing it. Later they will ask HOW you did it."

• "When Diet is wrong, Medicine is of no use. When Diet is correct, Medicine is of no need."


  +44 121 790 0460

   Birmingham, UK

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