Electrolytes & Keto Flu

ELECTROLYTES - and why it is NOT optional!



A Ketogenic Diet is very diuretic, as the kidneys no longer retain much Water as it used to on a high-carb diet. Very likely, you will experience frequent urination, which is fine, but you need to ensure you regularly replenish your electrolytes.

Your 3 Key Electrolytes are:


If you are new to Keto, then understanding the importance of Electrolyte Replenishment will do you great favours, especially if you like to avoid symptoms of KETO FLU. This isn't an actual Flu, but there are side effects and withdrawal symptoms that occur especially during the early transitional stages of Keto.


Typical Keto Flu symptoms are:

  • Headaches - mainly due to low Sodium levels and dehydration
  • Low Energy - low sodium levels
  • Bloating - low potassium levels
  • Heart palpitations - low potassium levels
  • Muscle aches/cramps - low magnesium levels
  • Constipation - low Magnesium levels
  • Dip in physical performance - due to metabolic changes
  • Hair loss - low Protein intake, high stress
  • Keto rash - naturally occurs during transitional stages of Ketosis
  • Indigestion - possibly too much dietary Fat

Not everybody will experience the above symptoms, but if you are one of the unfortunate ones, then now you can do your best to counter the symptoms.
A good tip on this way of eating (woe), is to drink to thirst ONLY, to avoid dehydrating as well as avoiding flushing out those vital electrolytes.


Recommended Daily Dosages of Electrolytes

Below is a typical required amount of each key Electrolyte, to sustain daily optimal performance:

  • Sodium - 5000-7000mg
  • Potassium - 1000-3500mg
  • Magnesium - 300-500mg

Ideally, you should aim to achieve the above via natural whole foods, but as each person is biologically unique, you may find yourself needing to supplement. But, you can most of the above electrolytes via foods like:

  • For Sodium - Sea, Pink or Celtic Salts
  • For Potassium - Lemons, LoSalt, Apple Cider Vinegar
  • For Magnesium - green leafy Vegetables or supplementation

It is important to note that not only does your body need the above Electrolytes regularly replenished, you also will find that it requires a particular balance. Only you can find this out and this could be required as you progress further on a Ketogenic lifestyle.
Also, if you are still encountering some of the above Keto Flu symptoms, you may have to consider supplementing... click here to read the Supplements page.

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